About the Show:

Menopause Moment is a show for women age 35 and over who are coping with perimenopause, early onset menopause, and “garden variety” menopause.

The show focuses on helping viewers and listeners to live full, active, healthy lives, exploring all aspects of perimenopause and menopause, from physical symptoms to emotional challenges, and covers a variety of treatment methods from traditional, western medicine as well as alternative options.

Host Susan Baroncini-Moe interviews bestselling authors, subject matter experts, and interesting women in menopause and perimenopause, to help viewers and listeners to cope with their symptoms and challenges, laugh a little, find some answers, and know that they are not alone.


About the Host:

Susan Baroncini-MoeSusan Baroncini-Moe, author of the bestselling book, Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style, is an executive coach and business leader with over sixteen years’ experience. With a Master’s degree in Social Psychology, training from NLP Comprehensive, Nightingale-Conant’s “Lead the Field” Executive Success Coaching, and Wellcoaches, Susan is one of the most dynamic, well-rounded, results-driven coaches in the marketplace today.

As a strategic intervention coach, Susan has worked with clients on four continents in a wide range of industries. She is a sought-after strategist, and she and her businesses have been featured on ABC and in Redbook magazine, USA Today, MSN Living, Yahoo Finance, Investors Business Daily, Social Media Examiner, American Express Open Forum, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, and more.

Susan’s blog, Business in Blue Jeans, has been listed by several notable resources as one of the best blogs for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Susan held the Guinness World Records® title for the world’s longest uninterrupted live webcast for two and a half years. She served on the Board of Directors for the Junior League of Indianapolis, has tried over 100 hobbies, plays the violin, and travels the globe with her Uruguayan rock star husband, Leo. Susan has read over 2500 books on the subjects of personal development and personal growth, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, psychology, coaching, wellness, health, wellbeing, networking, marketing, strategic planning, relationships, interpersonal dynamics, philosophy, and management.

Susan’s Menopause Story:

At age 45, Susan discovered she was in early onset menopause. With most of her friends not yet in menopause, Susan felt alone in her struggles. She sought answers in podcasts, only to discover that the available shows were long, a little boring, and mostly focused around helping naturopaths and physicians to grow their practices and online businesses.

Susan didn’t fully trust the information she was getting, and she found the programming too heavy. She wanted a show that made her feel like she was going through this transition with a friend, and she needed reliable information about making her life better as she navigated the transition into menopause. Plus, it turned out that Susan was not alone.

After talking with scores of women and discovering they were heading into perimenopause and menopause uneducated and unprepared, after not finding any shows that truly met the need, and with her first show, 2Questions.TV, a success, Susan decided to create a brand new show to help and support women in this phase of life.